What the Latest Trump Attack Means for Democrats

credit: iStock/DNY59

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Trump’s recent attacks on four Democratic congressional representatives, all women of color, urging them to “go back … to the crime-infested places from which they came.”

The signaling here is clear:

  1. Trump is more than happy to drive a wedge into any fissures that emerge within the Democratic party. Here, he was playing on a much-reported division between older, more traditional party leadership (Nancy Pelosi) and four of the newest, and more progressive, House members.

So, how should Democrats respond?

Here are the sorts of positions I’d like to hear them articulate.

  1. We recognize that the United States is a big, diverse country, and we seek to represent and serve the legitimate interests of all American citizens: north and south, east and west, young and old, black and brown and white, men and women, gay and straight, urban and rural and suburban, rich and poor, college graduates, kindergarten graduates, and everything in between.

This is not a long or complicated platform. But it’s clear and honest and forthright and solid. If Democrats want to survive Trump’s attacks, then it’s not enough to attack him — they need to present a clear and compelling picture of who they really are, to compete with the image that Trump is painting.

If Democrats across the country can come together behind these four positions, and stick to them, then it’s hard to see how Trump and his cronies — and attacks like these recent ones — will gain much traction with a majority of voters in the coming elections.

Originally published at Practopian.org.

Chief Practopian at The Practical Utopian

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